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Steinkamp Hauling, L.L.C.

Quincy's Oldest Solid Waste Business
Since 1968

Who we are
Steinkamp Hauling is the oldest and most trusted name in the waste collection industry in and around Quincy.

Since 1968 we've been providing homes and businesses with superior solid waste and recycling services at reasonable prices.

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Stop Paying For Overpriced Service
Are you feeling BLUE over the ever-increasing price for your waste removal?

Stop sending your money to the "Wild Blue Yonder" and keep it local. Our prices are reasonable and you’ll be ahead with RED.


Stop Paying For A Cart Every Month
Are you feeling down and BROWN over paying extra every month for a cart or not knowing when or if you'll get picked-up?

Our price includes a cart, your money won't be going to Timbuktu and you won't dread your bill with RED.


Stop Paying For Smaller Carts
Tired of using one of those smaller bright colored carts?

Our carts are 1 1/2 times as large, you'll be ahead and save with RED.


Stop Paying For Unreliable Service
Tired of putting out the GREEN for unreliable service and unanswered calls?

Put your worries to bed and get the service you deserve with RED.


Get the Service You Deserve With Red

“Don’t Cuss, Don’t Holler, Call Steinkamp and They’ll Hauler”

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